The list of papers will be updated as we progress though the course.

08/18-8/20Shahriar Nirjon (nirjon)Introduction (Slides)[download]
18/25Lei Huang (leihuang)Gateways for the Internet of Things: An Old Problem Revisited (Cerf, Kirstein)
28/25Alex Blate (blate)The Internet of Things Has a Gateway Problem (Thomas Zachariah, Noah Klugman, Bradford Campbell, Joshua Adkins, Neal Jackson, and Prabal Dutta) [pdf]
38/27Yue Guo (yueguo)Developing Solutions for the Internet of Things (Intel Whitepaper)[pdf]
48/27-Discussion-IBM Point of View: Internet of Things Security (IBM Whitepaper)[pdf]
59/1Brooks NobleRisQ: Recognizing Smoking Gestures with Inertial Sensors on a Wristband, Mobisys ’14, June 2014 (A. Parate et. al.)[pdf]
69/1-Discussion-Finger-Writing with Smartwatch: A Case for Finger and Hand Gesture Recognition using Smartwatch, HotMobile ’15, Feb. 2015. (C. Xu, P. Pathak, and P. Mohapatra, F)[pdf]
79/3Sean Sanders (ssanders)SIoT: Securing the Internet of Things through Distributed System Analysis, IPSN, 2015. (a. F. Teixeira, et. al.)[acm link]
89/3-Discussion-Lifestreams: a modular sense-making toolset for identifying important patterns from everyday life, Sensys, 2013. (d. C. Hsieh, et. al.)[pdf]
99/8Hasan Alan (alan)SIFT: Building an Internet of Safe Things (C. Liang, et. al.)[pdf]
109/8-Discussion-An Operating System for the Home, NSDI, 2012. (Dixon, et. al.)[pdf]
119/10Yue GuoUbiquitous keyboard for small mobile devices: harnessing multipath fading for fine-grained keystroke localization, MobiSys 2014 (Junjue Wang, Kaichen Zhao, Xinyu Zhang, and Chunyi Peng)[pdf]
129/10-Discussion-Injecting life into toys, HotMobile 2014 (Songchun Fan et. al.)[pdf]
139/17SeanEnergy Characterization and Optimization of Image
Sensing Toward Continuous Mobile Vision, MobiSys 13 (Robert LiKamWa et. al.)
149/17-Discussion-InSight: Recognizing Humans without Face Recognition, HotMobile 2013 (He Wang et. al.)[pdf]
159/29BrooksCARLOG: a platform for flexible and efficient automotive sensing, SenSys 2014 (Yurong Jiang et. al.)[acm link]
1610/1NirjonTyping Ring: A Wearable Ring Platform for Text Input (Shahriar Nirjon, Jeremy Gummeson, Dan Gelb, Kyu-Han Kim )
1710/6HasanCAreDroid: Adaptation Framework for Android Context-Aware Applications (Salma Elmalaki, Lucas Wanner, Mani Srivastava)[pdf]
1810/8YueWiBreathe: Estimating Respiration Rate Using Wireless Signals in Natural Settings in the Home (Ruth Ravichandran, Elliot Saba, Ke-Yu Chen, Mayank Goel, Sidhant Gupta, Shwetak N. Patel)[pdf]
1910/13SeanRF-Compass: Robot Object Manipulation Using RFIDs (Jue Wang, Fadel Adib, Ross Knepper, Dina Katabi, Daniela Rus)
2010/20Project Pitches (slides not required) xx
2110/22HasanTagoram: Real-Time Tracking of Mobile RFID Tags to High Precision Using COTS Devices (Lei Yang, Yekui Chen, Xiang-Yang Li, Chaowei Xiao, Mo Li, Yunhao Liu)
2210/27Spot Review of an unknown paper
2310/29YueDemystifying 60GHz Outdoor Picocells. Yibo Zhu (UCSB); Zengbin Zhang (UCSB); Zhinous Marzi (UCSB); Chris Nelson (UCSB); Upamanyu Madhow (UCSB); Ben Y. Zhao (UCSB); Haitao Zheng (UCSB) [acm]
11/3Spot Review of an unknown paper
11/5HasanEnabling Physical Analytics in Retail Stores Using Smart Glasses. Swati Rallapalli (UTAustin); Aishwarya Ganesan (MSR India); Krishna Chintalapudi (MSR India); Venkat Padmanabhan (MSR India); Lili Qiu (UTAustin) [acm]
11/10Spot Review of an unknown paper
11/12YueQuickSync: Improving Synchronization Efficiency for Mobile Cloud Storage Services[mobicom site]